Designing Breathtaking Large-Scale Floral Installations for Your Wedding

May 3, 2024

Styling & Design

An Introduction to Large-Scale Floral Designs with Fleur Provocateur

Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by a meadow of flowers, or entering your marquee through an arch of scented garden roses. Large-scale floral installations bring a magical and unforgettable atmosphere to any wedding setting, creating memorable and photographic moments for you and your guests.

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Caroline and Antonia from the fantastic South-West based florist, Fleur Provocateur, to explore how these spectacular designs can elevate your special day. Having worked alongside these two on numerous weddings in Somerset and Wiltshire, I can attest to the pure joy and awe these floral artworks inspire. Over to you, ladies!

Choosing the Right Florist

Selecting the right florist for your large-scale installation is crucial. Your wedding planner, like Rachel, can help you find someone who can capture your vision and transform it into a stunning reality.

It is important to review their portfolio to ensure they have experience in creating significant, impactful pieces. This scrutiny is not just about assessing their artistic flair but understanding their technical capabilities. Large installations require not just aesthetic vision but a mastery over the structural and engineering aspects that support them –  heavy metal frameworks that ensure the florals maintain their beauty throughout the event. An experienced florist in large-scale projects will have a portfolio that showcases not only their creativity but their ability to handle complex mechanics and logistics.

TOP TIP: When consulting florists, be sure to enquire about their design process. In large installation some may use toxic floral foam, while many opt for more sustainable practices involving metal mechanics, large living trees and water. Environmentally conscious designs are not only better for our planet but can add a naturalistic and abundant feel.

Designing Your Dream Installation

Creating the floral installation of your dreams requires careful consideration. This is collaborative relationship between couple, planner and florist where your dreams and ideas are nurtured and brought to life. You’ll engage in a creative dialogue, exploring themes, colours, and the types of flowers that resonate with your personal story and the ambience you wish to create.

When envisaging your floral installation, consider whether you want to integrate the existing architecture of your venue or create a standalone focal point that captivates all on its own. Utilizing architectural elements like archways, columns, or staircases can magnify the natural beauty and history of your venue, allowing the florals to complement and enhance these features.

On the other hand, opting for a free-standing installation opens up endless possibilities for creativity and can become a mesmerising centrepiece that draws all eyes. Think of a lavish floral arch or a towering sculpture of blooms — these can stand as art pieces that not only define the space but also set a memorable backdrop for photographs.

TOP TIP: It’s essential to understand that, due to their scale, these installations are not easily movable. Coordinate with your planner and the venue to determine the best setup that will maximise their impact throughout your celebration.

Budgeting for Large-Scale Floral Designs

By their nature, large-scale installations tend to be an investment, reflecting the artistry, labour, and materials invested in their creation. These installations require robust frameworks to ensure stability and durability, often necessitating custom builds that can elevate costs. Additionally, the sheer volume of flowers and foliage required to create these breathtaking displays is substantial.

The labour costs come from the meticulous planning, preparation, and execution of the designs. Furthermore, these installations demand the expertise of seasoned florists who invest considerable time and skill. Their efforts often extend beyond the day of the event, involving pre-event consultations and post-event dismantling.

TOP TIP: Exotic and rare flowers can significantly increase costs. By opting for seasonal flowers and foliage, you can create a luxe look without an additional price tag.

Luxury Boathouse Installation at Euridge Manor

Nothing speaks more to the splendour of large-scale floral designs than the boathouse installation we conjured for Liv & Ali’s wedding at Euridge Manor, alongside Rachel. Do take a look at their story here.

The grandeur of large-scale floral installations can transform your wedding day into an immersive experience. They are more than decor; they are statements of beauty, nature, and your love story. With a fantastic florist and the spirit to dream big, you can ensure these floral masterpieces will make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Visit the Fleur Provocateur website to discover more about their luxury wedding florist services

Images by Sasha Dove Photography

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