Meet Rachel

After several years working in the luxury wedding industry, I knew I could cultivate my own exceptional approach to Wedding Planning & Design. One that combines meticulous organisation with bespoke high-end styling. Founded in 2018, Rachel Dalton Weddings unites the two to produce moments of pure joy for some of life’s greatest celebrations.

Meticulous planning, exceptional attention to detail and informed styling results in events that flow effortlessly and spontaneously. Events that are profoundly personal, impeccably designed, and perfectly you.

Our clients are the inspiration behind every celebration. Their style, their preferences, their life experiences, their choices. We then nurture and enrich these ideas, until they grow into the blossoming events that Rachel Dalton Weddings is known for.

These exclusive events are the ultimate expression of a couple’s life together - past, present and future. Enriched with natural grace and effortless elegance, these occasions are subtly luxurious, meticulously organised and always showcase the finest eye for detail. 

We unite inspiration from your unique personalities with organic, thoughtful styling, for a timeless wedding that will never date. 

With careful attention and intentional, style-informed designing, we curate finely tailored, personal weddings. Designed to express your unique personalities, style and experiences, every celebration will be suffused with style and joy, and rich with the personal touches that are the quintessential expression of you as a couple.

We want your wedding to seem so easy, so care-free, so organically beautiful. Just like in a country garden: what seems so free and natural must be painstakingly planned, tended to, and cultivated. After months (if not years) of meticulous planning, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your joyful celebrations unfold.

We believe that events based on timeless, nature-informed style, with you at their root, will never date.

Rachel Dalton Weddings designs with you at the forefront, evoking heartfelt, life-long memories. We shy away from transient trends. What’s hot this year may be tired by next. And your love is anything but a trend. 

Rachel was very organized, communicative, and on top of what needed to get done. She worked hard to make sure we were satisfied with every supplier we booked, helped to bring our creative vision to life, and was a joy to work with through it all!"


"Booking Rachel as our wedding planner was the best decision we made in the wedding planning process. 

A combined passion for efficient planning and a creative eye for the aesthetic is instilled into the very core of the business. Rachel Dalton Weddings is highly organised, efficient, and detail-driven. But it is also innovative and creative, allowing us to invest whole-heartedly in the emotional and design-led aspects of the process too. This results in a seamless guest experience, every time, and a design profile that is intentional, inspired, original, and enriched with wonderful details, both large and small.

Before I launched Rachel Dalton Weddings, I worked in the luxury bridal industry. My love of fashion, and creativity in general, weaves through the creative aspects of the Rachel Dalton Weddings process still.

We know that wedding celebrations are some of the biggest occasions in a couple’s life together. We only take on a limited number of exclusive events each year, to ensure we can fully commit to every unique detail, making each occasion utterly bespoke and personalised. 

I allow myself to commit personally to the process for each celebration, and make sure that I am available to couples throughout their planning journey. 

It truly is an honour to be a part of such an important day, and this privilege is not one we take lightly. We wholeheartedly commit to being generous - with our time, with our services, and with our finished product. 

Your wedding.

Our one-and-only.

The planning process should not only be stress-free for our clients. It should be a wonderfully joyful, memorable, and inspiring experience too.


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