What to Include in a Wedding Welcome Gift

November 16, 2018

Wedding Planning Tips

A wedding welcome gift is such a thoughtful idea. Particularly with the rise in popularity of weekend weddings, and many guests travelling from overseas to celebrate with you, it’s not hard to see why.

I’ve put together some ideas for things to include in your guests’ welcome packages, along with some top tips for putting a gift together that your guests will adore.


Boxes via Marigold & Grey, Images by Lissa Ryan

What To Include

  1. A welcome message: A welcoming message will always be massively appreciated by your guests, especially if they have travelled from far and wide.
  2. Information about the local area: If it is their first time in the area, a welcome note may also be a nice place to include some information about the local area and what to see and do during their stay.
  3. Food: A selection of small snacks will always go down a treat with your guests. For an extra special touch, include some snacks that are local to the area you are getting married in.
  4. Water: It’s so important to provide your guests with plenty of water throughout your festivities.
  5. Mini bottles of alcohol: A little bottle of you and your fiancé’s favourite tipple (or one that you know your guest is a fan of) will be sure to keep your guests happy. Besides, who doesn’t like to start the party a little early!
  6. A hangover kit: After a night on the dance floor, your guests will definitely be grateful for a little TLC the morning after your wedding. Include a small package of tissues, plasters, painkillers and any other little touches.
  7. A itinerary: Drum up excitement for the wedding weekend by including an itinerary of the activities and events you have planned. 
  8. Something for the little ones: If you are having kids at your wedding, why not put together a child-friendly pack to keep them entertained with some activities, snacks and a carton of juice?

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Tips for putting together welcome gifts

  • Keep it personal: Like everything with your wedding, your welcome package should be a reflection of you both as a couple.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: Frantically piecing together gift boxes is not what you want to be doing 2 days before your wedding! Source your welcome gifts from a company that will assemble them for you, or prepare them well in advance.
  • Think about where you want your guests to find their welcome package: A box or basket would be lovely to have in guests rooms as they arrive, or keep everything in a tote bag for your guests to find over their chair at your rehearsal dinner.

Image via Stephanie Sterjovski

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