What To Do When you Get Engaged

January 3, 2020

Wedding Planning Tips

Welcome to the my very first post of 2020! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and, if you got engaged over the festive season, huge congratulations to you and a very warm welcome to the world of wedding planning!

If you have landed on this post because you are looking for a wedding planner, head over to the Rachel Dalton Weddings website where you will find a little bit more about me and the services that I offer. I am a UK wedding planner specialising in timeless, luxury weddings and it would be my pleasure to help you plan your celebration.

The weeks and months after you get engaged can feel overwhelming. You want to celebrate, but you also want to start planning (and your friend who’s getting married after you but has EVERYTHING organised already is badgering you to get suppliers booked!). So here are the things you need to do as soon as you get engaged.

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1. Celebrate!

First things first, take some time to celebrate with your new fiancé! There’s no pressure to get planning the moment that you get engaged. Spend some time in your newly-engaged bubble, tell your loved ones the happy news and, if you’re having one, host an engagement party to extend the celebrations!

2. Hire a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner will give you invaluable support throughout your engagement, and especially during the early stages of wedding planning. From venue sourcing and supplier recommendations to styling advice and management of the logistics of your day – an experienced planner will offer reliable guidance and save you time, money and hassle further down the line. Your wedding planner will be a constant support in the lead up to your day, so make sure you choose somebody that you trust and connect with.

3. Set a Budget

The budget for your wedding is one of the most important factors to consider, especially when you begin to book your first few suppliers. It’s vital that you and your fiancé are both on the same page when it comes to what you are budgeting for the wedding. If you are receiving contributions for the wedding from any parents/family members, it’s also important that you include them when you are agreeing on a budget. Your wedding planner will be able to create a detailed budget breakdown to constantly refer back to and update throughout the planning process.

4. Get Inspired

This is the really fun part! Whether you’ve been Pinning table setups for years or you have no idea how you visualise your day looking, it’s always a good idea to do some research into the design elements that you are drawn to. Pinterest, Instagram and blogs are great for this – but you can find inspiration anywhere! From your initial likes and dislikes, you can then begin to form a cohesive style for your day that suits the wedding you are having.

5. Write Out your Guest List

Guest numbers can have a huge impact on your day. They need to be considered for your budget, your venue and factored into most decisions for the day, so it’s vital that you settle on a guest list as soon as you can. Remember, your guest list is ultimately you and your fiancé’s decision, so try not to let other people’s opinions sway who you decide to invite. You have to draw the line somewhere, so don’t be afraid to take people off the list if the total numbers are getting too high!

6. Take Out Wedding Insurance

Taking out wedding insurance is such an important step and one that you should do soon after you get engaged. Make sure that you take out the correct level of insurance for your wedding – it can cover all sorts should something go wrong. You should never need it but if you do, you will be grateful to have it.

7. Set a Wedding Date

Most people can have a degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing a wedding date – which will be helpful when it comes to deciding on a venue. You should, however, have a chat early on about the month (or at the very least, the year) in which you would like to get married. Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of a winter wedding, maybe you’d like a longer engagement to allow you to save for your dream wedding. These are all things to consider when choosing the right wedding date!

8. Begin the Venue Search

Before you begin your venue search, sit down together and create a list of your ‘must haves’ for your wedding venue. It’s very rare that you can find a venue that ticks every box and you may need to compromise on a few of the factors which are less of a priority to find the perfect location. Again, hiring a wedding planner can really help with this step, as they will be able to shortlist the venues that best suit your criteria – saving you valuable time.

9. Schedule Regular Catch-Up Meetings with your Fiancé

Finally, remember that planning your wedding should be a team effort and it’s important to set aside designated time to catch up on how your plans are going. Your wedding day should be the perfect reflection of the two of you as a couple, so consider each other’s opinions when you are planning your special day.

If you’ve just got engaged and you are looking for some support, get in touch to discuss how I am able to help.

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