Where to Find the Best Bridesmaid Dresses in the UK

January 31, 2020

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In all of my years working in the wedding industry, where to find the best bridesmaid dresses is one of my most commonly asked questions.

Finding a bridesmaid dress to suit everybody can be a lengthy process. First, you’ve got the style. And when all of your bridesmaids are different sizes and shapes, it can be difficult to find a style that suits everyone.

Then you’ll need to decide on a colour. What colour would compliment the rest of your wedding day styling? Does it suit all of the girls? Should you go for mismatched bridesmaid dresses or would you like everyone to wear the same gown?

As well as all of these factors, there’s the price to consider. Regardless of whether it’s you or your bridesmaids who will be paying for their dresses, it’s important to agree on a budget – and remember to factor in shoes, jewellery and accessories.

Finding the best bridesmaids dresses can be a time consuming task on the wedding planning to-do list, but I’m here to help with this post! Nowadays, bridesmaid dress stockists make it easier than ever to get hold of beautiful gowns. With most online stores offering speedy delivery (and often free returns), it’s super convenient to order your girls their dresses and exchange them for an alternative size or style if it’s not quite right.

Below you’ll find a list of where to find the best bridesmaid dresses in the UK. Happy shopping!


TH&TH are a British company that design elegant, contemporary bridesmaid dresses which can be shipped worldwide. Although their collection is fairly concise, you will find something to please even the pickiest of bridesmaids and their easy to view colour options make these perfect for your girls to mix and match.

Shop TH&TH


Watters are bridal designers who also have an extensive range of beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Ranging from contemporary to classic and everything in between, you can guarantee that you’ll find something all your girls adore. Watters bridesmaid dresses are available exclusively via their stockists.

Shop Watters


Ghost London are known for their vintage-inspired, satin bridesmaid dresses. They stock an exceptional range of colours, from timeless pastels to rich jewel tones. Their dresses are also cut in a way that beautifully flatters the silhouette, making them perfect for all sizes and shapes.

Shop Ghost


ASOS has quickly become one of the go-to places to look for bridesmaid dresses in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. With vast collections including petite, plus size, maternity and tall, they make it easier than ever to ensure that all of your girls are catered for.



The Dessy Group have paved the way for bridesmaid dresses for years and their collections feature a wide array of designs – including junior bridesmaid and flower girl outfits. Dessy gowns are available exclusively from stockists, which can be found on their website.

Shop Dessy

Pretty Lavish

Pretty Lavish offer a stunning selection of elegant, contemporary and flattering bridesmaid dresses in a vast range of colours. They also sell colour swatches, so you can decide on the perfect shade to suit your overall wedding design.

Shop Pretty Lavish


Perfect for the modern bride, Rewritten are British designers specialising in contemporary bridesmaid dresses that are designed to be worn again and again. With a selection of super-chic dresses, jumpsuits and separates in an array of colours, these will be loved by both your bridesmaids AND the planet. Win, win!

Shop Rewritten

Rat & Boa

Although they don’t have a dedicated bridesmaids collection, Rat & Boa have a gorgeous collection of occasion dresses that are perfect for brides looking for something modern and unique. Their gowns are effortless, elegant and amazing quality.

Shop Rat & Boa


Monsoon have an great selection of beautifully classic bridesmaid dresses, many of which are available in-store as well as online. Specialising in embellished, beaded gowns at affordable price points, your girls will love them just as much as you do!

Shop Monsoon

Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London is an online retailer that specialise in fashion-forward styles at affordable prices. With free shipping and returns on orders over £100, this is a great option if you are wanting your bridesmaids to try on a couple of styles before deciding on ‘the one’.

Chi Chi London


Jenny Yoo

Elegant yet contemporary, Jenny Yoo have a stunning collection of bridesmaid dresses. From light chiffons to statement velvet gowns, their fabric range is incredible and you’ll find something to suit every member of your bride squad. Some styles are available online, with their made-to-order range available from their retailers.

Shop Jenny Yoo

Six Stories

Six Stories, known for their high-quality bridal loungewear, have recently released a beautiful collection of bridesmaid dresses. These satin gowns are effortlessly elegant, and available in a range of timeless colour shades. Guaranteed to please even the pickiest of bridesmaids!

Shop Six Stories


Jarlo are specialists in occasion wear offering a huge selection of glamorous bridesmaid gowns. Their selection of stylish bridesmaid dresses are available with speedy, worldwide delivery, and you’ll feel spoilt for choice once you start browsing the gowns they have available.

Shop Jarlo

Maids To Measure

Maids to Measure bridesmaid dresses are available both online and from retailers throughout the UK. Their designs are beautifully ethereal and feature a range of different styles and colours which even the pickiest of bridesmaids will love!

Shop Maids to Measure

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