8 Reasons to Have a Small, Intimate Wedding

August 26, 2020

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There are countless reasons why couples opt to have a small wedding. Perhaps the thought of inviting 150 guests totally overwhelms you. Maybe you love the idea of celebrating with only your closest friends and family. Or perhaps, like hundreds of thousands of couples who were planning to get married in 2020, you’ve had your original plans turned upside-down by Covid and you just. Want. To. Be. MARRIED!

If you do fall into the latter category… firstly, let me say how truly sorry I am for you. The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the world and its effects on the wedding industry have been devastating. But let me reassure you that IF you have chosen to downsize your wedding and have a smaller celebration, you can still have an incredible wedding day.

I was in a similar situation with a wedding that I was a guest at earlier this year. Due to the restrictions in place, the couple chose to reduce their 80 person guest list down to 18 of their closest family members. And let me tell you… that wedding had THE best atmosphere that I’ve ever experienced. Yes, guest numbers were small, but it still had all of the love, joy and happiness that you could dream of for a wedding.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share 8 reasons why small, intimate weddings are truly amazing.

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It will have an epic atmosphere

Trust me when I say that cutting down your guest numbers does NOT mean compromising on atmosphere. If anything, your guests will be so grateful that you have chosen them to celebrate with you and they will be sure to keep the party going. You can also involve all of the aspects of a wedding that create a great atmosphere. Consider live music, intimate lighting and great food and you’ll have a wedding that is utterly unforgettable for your guests.

Your guests will really get to know one another

Admit it. We’re all guilty of being a guest at a wedding and latching on to the same cousin/sibling/friend all night. However, with a small wedding, it’s far easier to introduce yourself to the guests you don’t know. In fact, at the small wedding I attended this year, I struck up genuine, meaningful conversations with all 18 guests there. Which, let’s be honest, would never happen at a 180-guest affair!

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You’ll open up far more venue options

Don’t get me wrong, venue searching is a part of my job which I love, but it’s certainly a more challenging task when there are 200 guests to accommodate. By choosing an intimate wedding, you’ve just opened up a multitude of new venue options. This gives you the freedom to go for a more traditional venue OR do something totally different. Think stunning Airbnbs, your favourite restaurant or even a family home!

You’ll probably save money

One of the simplest rules of wedding planning is that fewer guests equals less money. Generally, you’ll save on aspects such as the catering, the furniture and the decor, which frees up a lot more of your budget to splurge on what’s most important to you. Why not prioritise booking an amazing photographer and videographer to capture the day? Or enhance your evening with some live music? Or perhaps you could upgrade your dinner and treat your guests to an indulgent tasting menu!

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You will feel more relaxed

Does the thought of walking down the aisle in front of 200 people fill you with dread? Firstly, know that you’re not alone. Secondly, know that it absolutely isn’t something that you HAVE to do. If you’re nervous about being the centre of attention or worrying about entertaining hundreds of people at a big wedding, why not opt for a more intimate celebration? Putting yourself, and your stress levels, first when wedding planning should be a number one priority.

You can focus on what’s most important to you

Of course, your wedding should always prioritise what the two of you care most about. But with a smaller wedding, it’s even more acceptable to do things your own way, even if it shuns tradition. Like I mentioned above, when you have a smaller wedding it will generally free up more budget to focus on what’s most important to you. And whether that’s an epic floral installation, amazing entertainment or the wedding cake you’ve always dreamed of, you should ABSOLUTELY do it.

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You can always save the party for a later date

Trust me when I say that your party will still raise the roof even if you have a smaller guest list. However, if you DO want to save the party until you can celebrate with everybody you know, you can always split the celebrations. Many couples have chosen a marry now / party later approach. This way, they can go all-out with a huge party post-Covid, but they can legally get married (which, let’s face it, is the most important part) now.

It will be unforgettable for your guests

Although smaller weddings are no new concept, there’s still a high chance that your guests won’t have attended one before. This sets your intimate wedding apart from the rest and will ensure that it’s a truly unforgettable day. Your guests will feel honoured that you have chosen them to celebrate with you and, I promise you, it will feel wonderfully memorable for you AND your loved ones.

Need I say more? Intimate weddings are an incredible choice, especially in the current climate. If you’re looking for support planning your intimate UK wedding, I would love for you to get in touch.

Images by Kristine Herman Photography for our Four Seasons Hampshire Editorial.

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