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Why Autumn Might Be the Best Fresh Start of the Year

October 21, 2019


Oh Autumn.

Perhaps it’s the winding down of *busy* season in the wedding industry. Perhaps it’s that I come from a family of teachers who recognise September as the turn of a new year. Or maybe it’s the child within me that grew up in (arguably) the most perfect place to enjoy the falling of leaves and the crunch of acorns underfoot. 

There’s definitely something about Autumn that sparks the feeling of a fresh start.

Which, I hope you’ll agree, makes this the perfect post to resume activity here on The Ivory Book after a pause in posting (thank you, wedding season!) – and say a big hello to the new season and an even bigger hello to you for joining me. 

Make a cup of tea and get yourself cosy, we’re going headfirst into PSL season!

Autumn is like New Year’s Eve (but with far less pressure)

I could write an essay on the things I love about Autumn, but undoubtedly the thing I love the most is that it’s the season for new beginnings. It’s the turning of a new leaf, without the gravitas and pressure of a new year. Autumn, and the three months that follow it, offer the perfect wind down to the end of the year – an opportunity to reflect, reassess, and prepare for the year ahead.

As I’m currently writing this, my wedding season has drawn to a close, I’ve been on a post-summer trip of a lifetime (plenty more on that coming your way) and I’m wrapped up in my warmest knitwear gathering my thoughts on what’s been a whirlwind few months. 

I arrived back from my trip right as Autumn started to show it’s face again which I couldn’t have been happier about – and not just because it meant I could get my burgundy nail varnish out for the first time in a while. It gave me the chance to declutter (both my office and my thoughts), shift my attention to the areas of my business that get put on the back burner during the summer, and make a few little changes.

Why Autumn Might Be the Best Fresh Start of the Year | The Ivory Book by Rachel Dalton

First things first, let’s talk business. Rachel Dalton Weddings will be turning one in just under a month (spoken in a very proud mum-like way) and I am SO delighted at what I’ve achieved with my business over the past twelve months. I’ll be going into my exact feelings towards turning one over the coming weeks – but whilst there won’t be too much change happening within RDW, I feel so excited and energised about entering the next chapter.

Secondly, The Ivory Book. Let’s be real here, there’s been a love-hate relationship with me and my blog over the past year (more on that here) BUT I am slowly but surely growing in confidence when it comes to blogging. Now that things have quietened down wedding-wise, I’ll be dedicating a whole lot more time to The Ivory Book so stick with me! There’s a lot of content coming your way soon!

And finally, a few personal bits and pieces. I’ve got a new car (*cue excited squealing*) which I am SO happy about. Next month also signifies a month full of birthdays within my family/friendship circle (including my own) so, although it will likely be a quiet one this year, I am still gearing up for a lot of celebrations!

Needless to say, it’s been a transitional time recently – but one which I am welcoming with open arms and cinnamon-scented baked goods. 

There’s three months left, not only of this year but of this DECADE, so make a conscious decision to fill them with positive changes that your 2020 self will thank you for. And however you choose to celebrate the changing of the season, I hope you embrace every minute of it.