Everything You Need to know about Wedding Gift Lists

November 16, 2018

Wedding Planning Tips

Setting up a wedding gift list has changed massively over the years. Long gone are the days where it was up to your great aunt to choose the toaster that would sit proudly in your kitchen for years to come. Nowadays, couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to asking guests to contribute something towards the start of their married life.

Choosing which route to go down with your wedding gift list can feel exhausting, so I’ve rounded up the most popular options below.




Traditional Registry

Traditionally, homeware was hugely welcomed as a wedding gift because a marriage would often signify the bride and groom buying their first home together. Now of course, couples often live together long before they marry, but that shouldn’t rule out asking your guests to invest in some quality homeware for your marital home. This will also always remain a firm favourite with your older generation of wedding guests, who will be delighted to see you bring out your tea set every time they come to visit.

For traditional wedding gift registry, John Lewis remain a front runner and with a huge selection of brands to choose from, and the option to buy in store, online and by phone, it’s not hard to see why. Other great online registry options include Next, Amazon and Etsy – or why not register on more than one site to give your guests the option to choose?



Gift cards and vouchers can be a wonderful option if you are wanting to be gifted homeware, but want the freedom to choose your items after the wedding. I also think this is a great alternative for couples who know that buying their dream home is in the pipeline, but don’t quite have the storage or need for the wedding gifts right now.

Again, John Lewis is a personal favourite of mine for gift cards – I think it encourages the couple to treat themselves to something which they perhaps otherwise wouldn’t. Another wonderful option is Ikea vouchers, which will always prove to be a favourite for first time homeowners.



Asking for cash as a wedding gift is a particularly sticky subject and it was actually a discussion with my partner about this very topic which prompted me to write this blog post!

Personally, I find deciding on a monetary amount to give as a gift one of the most uncomfortable situations of being a wedding guest. I would much rather know what my money was being spent on. However, there is no denying that this is the most convenient method of gifting and with many couples opting to put the cash towards their honeymoon or the deposit for their first house, it would be ignorant of me to deny how helpful it can be.

If you are opting to ask for cash donations on your wedding day, consider using an online cash fund gift list (such as Prezola or The Wedding Shop). It is also always a nice touch to allocate the cash each guest has gifted you to something special, for example a romantic dinner for two on your honeymoon or the KitchenAid mixer you’ve always had your heart set on. This way you can give your guests a personal thank you for their gift and they can rest easy knowing that their cash went towards a purposeful present.



The Honeymoon Fund

Gifting money towards your honeymoon is increasingly becoming one of the most popular wedding present options and with many websites dedicated to just this, it is now easier than ever to set up.

With websites such as Buy Our Honeymoon, you can get inspired by their sample itineraries and create an entirely bespoke gift list which includes things like flight upgrades, day trips or a bottle of champagne during your trip. Your guests pay directly to you, so it is up to you how and when you book your honeymoon and which provider you book with.

If you are planning a honeymoon using Virgin, another great option is the Virgin Holidays Gift List. This enables you to plan your perfect Virgin Holidays honeymoon and share a link with your guests which will allow them to pay off an amount towards your holiday.


Charity Donations

When you take into account the cost of a wedding, it is understandable why many people often like to use wedding gifting as a time to give back. It is also a lovely opportunity to honour a charity that has a personal significance to you or your family.

Charity donations can be included as an option on your wedding gift list – see my point below to learn more about including several gift options in once place. Alternatively, Oxfam offers the chance to create a charitable gift list with items such as safe water, education and livestock, so your guests can directly see difference their contribution is making.


One Stop Shop

This option gives you the most freedom with your gift list, and remains a personal favourite of mine. Dedicated gift list websites such as Prezola and The Wedding Shop not only have a huge selection of homeware gifts to choose from, but you can also incorporate honeymoon funds, experiences, cash contributions and charity donations.

This enables you and your partner to create an entirely bespoke gift list with the things you truly want and gives your guests plenty of options when choosing your wedding gift.


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