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Yesterday marked 6 months since I officially launched my business, Rachel Dalton Weddings… how crazy is that!

It’s been one heck of a 6 months but it’s safe to say that I have absolutely LOVED it. And to mark the occasion, I’ve had a little change up over here on my blog.

When I launched The Ivory Book (which is also now 6 months old – yay!) I promised myself that I would let it grow organically and evolve with me. So, with that in mind, you’ll notice I’ve made a few tweaks to the heading bar at the top of my posts.

I’ve scrapped my two least used categories and replaced them with a ‘career’ category. Don’t worry, this won’t become a place for jargon-heavy business posts about how you must run your business (although if I figure that out, I’ll let you know!), instead it will be a place to lift the lid on the realities of owning your own business, have an honest chat about self employment and give the occasional bit of advice about how to get started with a career in the wedding industry.

So today, I’m kicking things off with an honest post about what I’ve learned in my first 6 months of owning a business.


Not everyone will understand what you do… and that’s okay

This may not be the case for every business startup, but one thing which I’ve definitely struggled with in these first few months is people actually understanding what I do. Perhaps it’s the fact that wedding planning is still a relatively new career, perhaps its my ever changing routine that is hard to keep up with, but my friends and family still frequently ask me what I actually do day to day, and I’m okay with that!


No one is judging you as closely as you think

No one’s noticed that you haven’t posted on Facebook in four days, nobody minds that you didn’t upload to your blog this week, no one cares that you haven’t nailed that cohesive Instagram theme that you were hoping for. Everybody is busy focussing on their own business and their own life so PLEASE don’t worry that you are being scrutinised. Just keep your head down and focus on you and your business.


Self employment can be a lonely business

I’ll be honest, this is probably the part of self-employment that I was most nervous about before my business launched. I’m very lucky that I still work elsewhere two days a week so I still experience some of that office camaraderie, but being your own boss can feel very lonely at times. As much as I hate to use the dreaded ’N’ word, networking is important and having supportive friends in your field of work will be vital in your first 6 months of business. Talk to them, you definitely won’t be the only one feeling like this.


What I've Learned in the First 6 Months of Business | The Ivory Book

It’s important to celebrate your successes, even if they aren’t business related

I think there’s an unspoken rule when you run your own business (or perhaps just with life in general) that feeling proud of yourself is something to feel guilty about. In a world where there is criticism everywhere, personally I think it is SO important to celebrate your successes, whether they are related to your business or not. Last month when I had the opportunity to visit New York Bridal Fashion Week, you can bet I shouted about it just as loudly as when I secure a dream wedding planning client. Success in life is made up of so many factors, and it is OKAY to feel proud of yourself.


Your friends and family are even more incredible than you thought they were

It might just be me who feels this, but starting my own business gave me an entirely new appreciation for my friends and family and the support they give me. Whether it’s supporting your social media posts, giving advice or just being there for a cuppa or a FaceTime on those down days – notice and appreciate everything that your loved ones do to support you. They’ll prove themselves to be even more amazing than you thought they were.


You don’t just sit at home in your pjs

…Sorry to burst that bubble.



There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ week

When you’re self employed, there is no such thing as normal. Some weeks you’ll feel as though you’re working on overdrive, flitting between meetings and events whilst trying to stay on top of your inbox. Other weeks, you’ll find yourself sitting in your office with your fifth cup of tea that morning wondering why your phone hasn’t rung in days. The lows feel incredibly low whilst the highs feel exponentially high, and that’s a part of self employed life that you just have to make peace with.


Looking back is important

I feel like one of the most Instagrammed quotes out there is ‘don’t look back, you’re not going that way’ but in all honesty, I disagree. It’s so important to look back and see how far you’ve come, see everything that you’ve achieved along the way (no matter how big or small the milestones are) and celebrate your accomplishments. Use it to push yourself forward and achieve even more.


And on that note, here’s to another wonderful 6 months!

THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who have followed, celebrated and supported this crazy journey so far, it doesn’t go unnoticed and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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May 17, 2019



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